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Recovery Thru My Lens – A Photographic Journey Recovery Thru My Lens – A Photographic Journey(0)

By Meryl Spiegel
For over thirty years, I’ve been taking photographs and writing. The day after I turned 56, I realized that I’ve been in recovery for almost as long  – recovery from depression, anxiety, codependence and a traumatic upbringing.

While I exhibit my photographs and have written about a variety of subjects for several publications including The New York Times, I’ve been longing for a personal project that combines both talents – and most importantly, one that speaks from my heart. That day after my birthday, I realized that my never-ending need to express myself through images and words was all part and parcel of my ongoing recovery. That without those abilities which I have honed and depended on through the years, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Read More

Foods You Should Not Eat Foods You Should Not Eat(0)

April 2012 By Samantha Bradford
Those who know me know that I encourage, for some people, the inclusion of animal foods in the diet.  From my own years of experimentation, and from the hundreds of books and literally thousands of articles I have read on both sides of the table, I have come to my own personal conclusion that quality animal foods offer a wealth of nutritional benefits over heavy grain and refined carbohydrate based diets, especially grains containing gluten.  For some people. Read More

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